Enterprise protection for insurance

We help insurers transform safely and manage their emerging and existing risks, while supporting key strategic imperatives that drive growth. So, no matter how big the universe of risks becomes, your business, customers and stakeholders are protected.

Growth, trust and transformation are imperatives for the insurance industry. Sound risk management, compliance, cybersecurity and internal audit are key to support these ambitions.

The EY Enterprise Protection team helps risk management leaders enable growth and add value for the long term, while protecting customers and stakeholders. Inspiring trust is one of our guiding principles, so our services build confidence with internal business leaders, customers, investors and regulators.

Make better business decisions with EY support

Our Enterprise Protection team uses experience-based industry insights and extensive research and benchmarking data to increase confidence in decision-making and strategic risk-taking. This allows insurers to see emerging risks sooner and better assess whether they are taking the right upside risks.

Along with more effectively managing risk in every area, our team’s services help mature capabilities, enhance operations and increase cost efficiency. With our help, insurers can establish smart, streamlined and fully integrated enterprise protection capabilities, while incorporating automation and accelerating technology transformation and modernization. By embedding risk into business strategy, our services support transformation, while building resilience during times of constant change and potential crises.

We help you solve for today’s risks and prepare for tomorrow’s

Our objective is to help insurers understand the most significant risks and threats to the business and be strategic in the risks they take.

Our team spans the globe and includes former risk, compliance, control and audit executives, as well as consultants who have program design, build, implementation and execution experience.

Their deep industry experience and knowledge of risks, including sustainability and climate change, mean we understand the challenges insurers face inside and outside their businesses.

Enterprise Protection solutions:

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