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How EY orchestrated a digital transformation for a Fortune 500 insurer

Prioritizing and re-engineering claims processes drives operational improvement and transformation

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The better the question

How do you enhance customer experience through claims transformation?

Optimizing critical claims processes

A Fortune 500 property and casualty insurer sought to automate and optimize critical claims processes and to refocus critical talent on higher-value activities. They were exploring the value of robotics process automation (RPA) to drive operational improvement, particularly in auto and commercial lines. 

We were engaged because of our work in automation with other clients which have resulted in greater accuracy, consistency and flexibility. The insurer asked us to help set up their structure, governance and process automation so that they could reap similar benefits.

A virtual workforce leveraging robotics could help achieve their objective to increase speed, scale and security.
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EY’s methodology enables an overall robotics lifecycle

Cost savings and deep dive opportunities

Our digital strategists and claims specialists completed a full assessment and “opportunity scan,” including cost-benefit analysis, opportunity qualification and prioritization, automation heat map and dependency matrix in less than 60 days. In engaging closely with the 18-process team, we developed: 

  • An opportunity inventory workbook
  • Key metrics which estimated and measured capacity savings 
  • Suitability assessment based on technology readiness and reusability
  • Claims operations opportunities
  • Recommendations for deep dive opportunities and prioritization 
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The better the world works

Delivering digital transformation using automation

EY captures 20 RPA opportunities with annual benefits ranging from $7m to $9m.

Annual cost savings

$8 million

in estitmated benefits

We captured 20 RPA opportunities with annual benefits ranging from $7m to $9m in a clear strategy and plan for a phased rollout – with the first-phase savings to fund later phases. In concluding the phased rollout, new opportunities emerged for better efficiency with payments and letters using automation.