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Life sciences companies face tremendous strain on their supply chains. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed critical near-term weaknesses to address, while other challenges will require strategic reassessment and long-term supply chain transformation.

Companies will have to analyze supply chain operations and costs to be prepared for structural shifts, such as the re-shoring or onshoring of manufacturing. Alongside this shift in global trade flows, the vaccine rollout is underway, and regulations around national stockpiles of medicine and personal protective equipment are looming.

The EY organization can help reinvent your supply chain for these challenges, building a digitally enabled ecosystem of suppliers, contractors and other partners. By leveraging machine learning, IoT, RPA, AI, digital twin and other technologies, you can increase day-to-day efficiency and improve business models. That helps reduce costs, build new revenue streams, mitigate risks, improve sustainability and ultimately better serve your customers.

What is needed for life sciences to deliver tomorrow’s supply chain?

View the video to see how an interconnected supply chain ecosystem will enable accelerated manufacturing, supply chain resiliency, rapid prototyping and tailor-made products.

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