Photographic portrait of  Aaron Oh

Aaron Oh

Ernst & Young LLP US Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications Sector (TMT) Cybersecurity Leader

Hacker. Defender. Problem solver. Optimizer. Automater. Father. Husband. Son.

Aaron is a Technology, Media, Telecom (TMT) sector cybersecurity leader for North America. He started his career as a penetration tester helping Fortune 500 clients defend against malicious attacks. Aaron has more than 18 years of experience in the cybersecurity field and has managed a wide range of cybersecurity transformation programs in the TMT sector.

Prior to joining EY, Aaron was the founder and head of the Threat and Vulnerability Management practice at a large global consulting firm. He has a Bachelor of Science in computer science from James Madison University and MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. 

How Aaron is building a better working world 

Empathy. By truly putting yourself in the shoes of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who has to report progress every quarter; a Security Operations Center (SOC) manager who has to wake up early and go to bed late at night due to the global threats the company is facing; or a new employee who is eager to explore and learn more about cybersecurity, you start to see the world of business working better together. 

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