Andrew Hogenson
Consumer-based companies are facing an unprecedented pace and magnitude of change with no end in sight. Innovation and a consumer-first mentality are a must!

Andrew Hogenson

EY West Region Consulting CP&R Leader

Thought leader and innovator in the consumer-based industries. Focused on helping clients grow through better customer experiences.

Andrew has 28+ years of experience working with large, global corporations. In this capacity, Andrew has helped companies in all areas including new market entry (i.e. China, Spain, France, etc.), store operations, eCommerce, supply chain, digital, back office, customer insight and service, product lifecycle management and more. More recently, Andrew has been helping companies develop and deploy omni-channel solutions, addressing dynamic consumer expectations and defining operational approaches to delivering a seamless experience across channels.

Andrew has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Seattle University and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill.

How Andrew is building a better working world 

“I am helping retailers and consumer goods companies deliver a better experience to their consumers, providing them with the products they need, when and where they need them while simultaneously working on ways to drive the cost of the goods consumers need down.

I am also helping these same companies improve their employee engagement by automating mundane jobs, freeing up capacity to focus on innovation and more desirable work.”

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