Chirag Patel
The complacency that ensues from having seemingly loyal customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders and employees is often the cause of disruption.

Chirag Patel

EY Foundry Leader

Proven entrepreneur and thoughtful corporate executive. Seasoned venture investor. Three-time CEO. Avid golfer. Father of twins.

Areas of focus Financial Services
Office New York, US

Chirag leads EY Foundry. EY Foundry was formed through the acquisition of Highnote Foundry, a venture capital and venture services firm that Chirag co-founded in 2008.

EY Foundry is a Corporate Venturing unit focused on creating transformational growth for EY and our clients by investing in and launching new digital businesses. The EY Foundry acquires startups, incubates new digital businesses and transforms underleveraged company assets into new growth businesses.

Chirag has a successful track record in developing and executing growth strategies for global 1000 companies and emerging startups. He has been a successful three-time CEO in the enterprise SaaS, consumer digital, healthcare and financial services markets. He is active in the Venture Capital community and startup investing.

How Chirag is building a better working world

“Our clients are recognizing that venturing needs to be an integral part of their growth strategies. I am helping our clients to identify, evaluate and launch new digital ventures to drive transformational growth and to remain competitive. I do this in collaboration with my amazing team of proven entrepreneurs, strategists and product visionaries at EY Foundry.”

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