Photographic portrait of Christophe Kasolowsky
Given the importance of the CFO's role to the business it serves, we must support them in this time of transformation to protect their institutions’ assets and better serve their stakeholders.

Christophe Kasolowsky

EY EMEIA Financial Services CFO Consulting Leader

Passionate about delivering innovation and change across the finance functions. Classical music enthusiast and sponsor. Forever chasing road cycling segment personal bests.

Christophe leads CFO Consulting Services Solutions. He works closely with our CFO clients to help make their finance functions better, faster, and less costly through innovation and technology enablement. Christophe also advises them on responding practically to regulatory changes.

Prior to EY, Christophe worked with a major systems integrator implementing finance technology solutions. He is also a qualified management accountant.

He primarily focuses on major UK and European banking clients and has delivered multiple technology-enabled finance transformation programs.

Christophe regularly speaks on ‘The Future of Finance’, and how the role of the CFO and the finance teams will change in the next decade.

How Christophe is building a better working world

“CFOs are the ultimate stewards of any business. I work closely with them to help manage the challenges and opportunities associated with the transformation that the finance function faces, including responding to regulatory changes. I help them identify ways to innovate and use technology as an enabler to achieve costs and operational efficiencies. My goal is to protect their institutions’ assets and serve their stakeholders with timely and accurate information. This is critical in ensuring that the world of finance is both credible and trusted.”

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