Dave H Koshgarian
My work at EY keeps me close to the legislative and political process to the benefit of our clients.

Dave Koshgarian

Executive Director, Ernst & Young LLP, Washington Council

Travel as often as possible, eat serious food, listen to new music, spend time with family whenever possible and keep learning — the world keeps changing.

As an Executive Director at Ernst & Young LLP and member of Washington Council Ernst & Young (WCEY), Dave primarily represents clients with interests in pension and retirement policy. His experience and expertise regarding the legislative process provide WCEY clients vital insights in advancing priority interests. 

Prior to joining WCEY, he worked for more than two decades in Congress, including fifteen years as chief of staff to a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee. In that capacity, he helped fashion the pension and retirement title of the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Relief Act 2001. 

Dave graduated from George Washington University with a degree in political science.

How Dave is building a better working world 

“Our work at WCEY depends on relationships with key policy makers. These relationships are built on establishing a high level of confidence in our knowledge of policy, as well as our judgment and insights regarding the options and goals of our clients. Through my work in the pension and retirement policy space, as well as my political judgment and insights, I have earned the respect and trust of my colleagues and our clients, giving them the confidence to make decisions.

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