Dave Richards
Retail is going through a huge transformation, which requires us to ask better questions to deliver the better results needed for our clients.

Dave Richards

EY Americas Consumer Retail Leader

Committed to helping retail clients address their toughest problems. Passion for Welsh rugby and placing in age group in running races. My three kids are my biggest accomplishment.

Dave is the Americas Consumer Retail Leader, teaming with clients to help them outperform the market, enhance their brand and empower their people.

Dave is committed to helping retailers navigate today’s disruption and the necessary transformations through local market improvement, next-generation supply chain, international expansion/M&A, multichannel strategy and execution, core systems transformation and digital channel enablement.

He has been in the consulting business since 1988, joining Ernst & Young LLP in 2017. He has acquired significant international experience, having worked with global and multinational retailers for the majority of his career. He’s spent significant time developing thought leadership and market solutions focusing on emerging digital offerings.

Dave received his BA in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol.

How Dave is building a better working world 

“With a team of more than 38,000 consumer retail colleagues in the EY network across the globe, I’m proud of the breadth and depth we offer to support our clients, who are working to meet the demands of consumers around the world, every day. Economic uncertainty, combined with the ever-growing threats of digital competitors, requires us to be a nimble, flexible advisor and advocate for our clients."

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