Gary Gasper

Gary Gasper

Principal and Co-Managing Partner, Washington Council Ernst & Young

Tax and Regulatory expert. Values a precision focused, agile and socially conscious working environment. Passionate about family, community and sports.

Areas of focus Tax

Gary is co-leader of the Washington Council Ernst & Young practice. He assists clients on a variety of matters before Congress, the White House, the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service.

He provides services related to federal tax legislative and regulatory matters involving corporate taxation, financial products, tax-exempt entities, employee benefits, insurance taxation and other areas.

How Gary is building a better working world

“The best way to build a better working world, really a better world, is by ensuring our communities are cared for. I see it as an honor and privilege to give back. I use my skills as a CPA and attorney to assist local non-for-profit organizations. I was formerly a Trustee and Treasurer of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation in Washington, DC, the Board that oversees St. Albans School, the National Cathedral School, Beauvoir and the National Cathedral. I am also the Treasurer and Board Member of the Charcot Marie Tooth Association, a nerve disorder association. By helping these organizations remain fiscally solvent, they can continue to do the work of nurturing and educating the next generation.”

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