Photographic portrait of Kevin Rebbereh
The way to win in the automotive industry is rapidly changing. We work with EY clients on sustainable strategies and innovative business transformation to help deliver long-term value creation.

Kevin Rebbereh

Director, Automotive Strategy, EY-Parthenon GmbH

Tech and auto enthusiast. Builds new concepts, promotes innovation and develops best practices. Endurance athlete and family man. Sees entrepreneurialism as a team sport.

Kevin is a director with EY-Parthenon in Hamburg, Germany. He is in the leadership team of the automotive strategy practice in Europe West.

Prior to joining the EY organization, Kevin spent over 10 years working in diverse leadership roles for strategic consulting firms across Germany, the United States and India as well as in the procurement department of a major car manufacturer.

He holds a master’s-equivalent degree in Business Administration from Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University. 

How Kevin is building a better working world

Kevin creates a collaborative culture that values individual skills, inspires confidence and empowers others to help deliver exceptional results. Together with EY clients, he drives change, fosters innovation and mitigates associated risks. Kevin aligns corporate strategic imperatives and leads mission-critical programs successfully. Clients and team members alike benefit from his deep knowledge of the automotive industry and in-depth understanding of current market trends within the extended mobility ecosystem.

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