Lucas Wirmer
Being innovative requires both: a solid understanding of the industry as well as a creative mindset, combined with a sound methodical framework.

Lucas Wirmer

EY Innovalue FSO Senior Manager

Financial services enthusiast. Experienced strategy consultant. Passionate about innovation. Unconventional thinker. Pragmatic and solution-oriented.

Lucas focuses on innovation in financial services. In his current role, he leads EY Innovalue’s activities in the insurHUB – an innovation lab for the insurance industry.

His experience ranges from sales-oriented projects in the insurance industry to growth projects and transactions in the payments industry – working for banks, acquirers, card schemes and telcos. Prior to this, he closely worked with fintech start-ups in a corporate development function. Currently, his focus and key competency is on innovation and digitization projects.

Lucas earned a Diploma in Business Information Systems from the University of Hamburg.

How Lucas is building a better working world 

“Since its inception hundreds of years ago, the insurance industry has provided security and peace of mind to its customers. However, digitization poses a significant threat to incumbent players and challenges roles and business models. In my current role, I link traditional insurance players with start-ups and innovative thinkers – helping both to create new and innovative products that create value for the customer. Collaboration and customer-centricity are the key ingredients to success.”

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