Cultural shifts shape human behavior, form our expectations and aspirations and impact industries across societies. Winning organizations are tapping into these shifts to improve consumer relevancy and beat the competition.

Marcie Merriman

EY Americas Cultural Insights & Customer Strategy Leader

Student of human behavior, lover of transformative design. Living at the intersection of culture, commerce and technology to build human-centered experiences. Catalyst. Entrepreneur. Mom.

Marcie is EY Americas Cultural Insights & Customer Strategy Leader. She is an internationally recognized leader in cultural anthropology and brand strategy, having her work frequently featured in news publications.

For over 25 years she has been working with teams to anticipate disruption and propel growth through human-centric strategies. She leads practices focused on helping organizations understand the nuances of human behaviors and the organizational implications that can be addressed through improved experiences, including the deployment of digital technologies. 

Prior to joining EY, Marcie was an executive at a global fashion retail company and a successful business leader and entrepreneur.

Marcie earned an MBA from Case Western Weatherhead School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in Social Science, International Studies, Anthropology & Sociology from Michigan State University.

How Marcie is building a better working world

“I focus on understanding how social, economic, political changes and new technologies are changing who we are as human beings – our beliefs, values and behaviors. The things that drive our expectations in everyday life and our aspirations for the future. 

I team with my clients to find the ‘so-what’s’ in all of this. What do customers really want and how can businesses better facilitate on these needs? What can organizations do to help employees be more effective at engaging customers? How can digital technologies be better used for consumer benefit? How will consumer behavior continue to evolve and what can companies do to get ready for these changes now? 

As I’m told by my daughter, I’m obsessed with ‘fixing things,’ tackling the problems that need to be solved and the issues that need to be addressed so that companies can provide their customers the experiences they deserve and truly desire.”

Marcie’s latest thinking