Pieter Witteveen

Pieter H. M. J. Witteveen

EY-Parthenon Senior Managing Director

Building an entrepreneurial strategy boutique within EY.

Pieter is a Senior Managing Director for EY-Parthenon. He was originally with OC&C Strategy Consultants, which joined the EY member firm in the Netherlands in 2016.

He launched OC&C in 1992. Prior to joining EY-Parthenon, he spent 32 years in consulting.

His consulting experience covers a wide range of issues, such as acquisitions, restructuring and portfolio strategy. He has served clients in the retail, distribution and consumer goods, transportation and service industries.

Pieter studied Economics at Erasmus University and majored in Corporate Finance. He received a ‘Doctorandus’ Diploma.

How Pieter is building a better working world

“Whether working with clients or in my community, I am committed to helping find the right strategies to address fundamental changes.

Our highly analytical approach at EY-Parthenon demands that we recruit and retain extremely bright, intellectually curious individuals. The collaboration among our people and the entrepreneurial environment in our Rotterdam member firm office is energizing and inspiring. Our people enjoy coming into work each day to work side by side with their peers.”

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