Photographic portrait of Susan Chong

Susan Chong

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Judge

Founder and CEO, Greenpac Pte Ltd.

Areas of focus Entrepreneurship EY Private

Susan was ahead of the pack with her vision for sustainable packaging.

When Susan Chong first launched sustainable packaging company Greenpac in 2002, she would cold-call potential customers only to be told they were less concerned about the environment than keeping the cost of their packaging as low as possible. Susan persisted, growing Greenpac into Singapore’s leading environmentally friendly packaging provider and becoming the first female entrepreneur recognized by the World Economic Forum for leadership in the circular economy.

Susan worked hard to explain her innovative vision of sustainable packaging to clients. She was passionate about turning the industrial packaging industry green by using environmentally friendly materials and reducing waste. A breakthrough came when Greenpac re-engineered wooden pallets for packing, using a special durable and lightweight timber, obtained from sustainable plantations. This offered customers considerable savings as well as a sustainable material with less waste. Susan now heads a multimillion-dollar company with a team of 50 people. Greenpac provides packaging for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in aviation, defense and biotechnology.

Susan is proud of her inclusive hiring policy, employing former convicts as well as people with disabilities. She has learned sign language to communicate with some of her staff. 

The words ‘giving up’ are not in my dictionary.
Susan Chong