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Doing business with the single largest purchaser of goods and services in the world — the US government — requires a focus on compliance, integrity and oversight unlike in any other market.

Todd LaMastres

EY Americas Government Contract Services Partner

Todd is a partner in EY Americas Government Contract Services, providing compliance-oriented services to entities participating in federal, state and local government contracts and programs.

Leveraging a professional background in federal government, private industry and public accounting, Todd advises a wide range of government contractors, from traditional aerospace and defense entities to pharmaceutical manufacturers who sell products through Medicaid, Medicare, Public Health Service and Federal Supply Schedule programs.

Todd provides timely and insightful guidance to assist clients in assessing and controlling compliance risk and to help navigate the myriad rules and regulations governing these various federal and state programs.

How Todd is building a better working world

Helping companies of any size, scale and complexity reap the benefits of being involved in government contracts and programs is Todd’s mission as a trusted business advisor.

Todd works with clients to understand the application of government rules and regulations, including how clients can best adapt to the applicable contract and program requirements to achieve an optimal return on investment.

Whether building advanced weapons systems, developing life-saving vaccines or delivering much-needed prescription medications to indigent patient populations, Todd and the Government Contract Services team advise entities through the complete government program and contract life cycle — from gaining the US government as a new customer to establishing internal processes to promote ongoing compliance.

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