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Ongoing reconciliation negotiations

In this episode of DC Dynamics, we discuss what’s next in US tax policy, with a look to the past. We’ll also put current developments into political and policy context.

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Join us as Washington Council Ernst & Young kicks off DC Dynamics, a podcast about what’s coming up in US tax policy, with a look to the past as our guide. Host Ray Beeman, Principal and Leader of Washington Council Ernst & Young, a group within Ernst & Young LLP, draws on his experience as a former congressional staffer for Ways and Means and the Joint Committee on Taxation to break down and examine current developments in Congress and put them into political and policy context. With a focus on US tax policy, Ray will feature EY subject-matter resources, thought leaders and political experts to discuss other hot topics on the congressional policy agenda. 

Listeners will learn about the ongoing budget reconciliation bill under consideration, which is a little different from the American Rescue Plan Act in February. This episode also will explain the differences weighing down the process. Listeners will hear about ties to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and other issues of interest.

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Ray Beeman
Principal and Leader, Washington Council Ernst & Young


Episode 3

Duration 13m 59s