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NextWave Private Equity

The future of PE is inspired by purpose and transparency, focused on digital transformation, fueled by value creation and driven by a diverse workforce.

Join Winna Brown, EY Americas FAAS Private Equity Leader, as she explores the emergence of NextWave Private Equity and its impact on the economy and society.

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PE Pulse: Five takeaways from 2Q 2021

In this episode, Pete Witte, EY Global Private Equity Lead Analyst, explores the key themes and market dynamics from 2Q 2021 that are top of mind for PE investors.

Episode 32

10m 00s


Pete Witte

EY Global Private Equity Lead Analyst

How private equity-backed companies can prepare for IPO

In this episode, our speakers discuss how PE-backed companies can meet shareholder expectations after the IPO.

Episode 03

17m 46s


Jackie Kelley

EY US-West IPO Leader

Winna Brown

EY Americas Financial Accounting Advisory Services Private Equity Leader