US 2021 presidential transition: The first 100 days

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Election 2020: Now. Next. Beyond.

Six key public policy issues for the Biden administration and Congress

How the Biden administration is likely to drive change on key policy issues.

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Election 2020: Now. Next. Beyond.

How life sciences executives can navigate the post-US election uncertainty

2021 is expected to begin with a transition from the elections and vaccine distribution, with hopes of a smoother second half.

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Election 2020: Now. Next. Beyond.

Washington in 2021 – what’s on the policy agenda?

With Democrats at the helm, major priorities like stimulus, climate change, and health care may be brought up in the House and Senate.

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Election 2020: Now. Next. Beyond.

Webcast | Election 2020: Now. Next. Beyond.

In this on-demand webcast, we discussed key issues during these unprecedented times that will have a lasting impact now and beyond.

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Tax matters

Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for revenue will be a dominant theme in tax policy matters. The pandemic has put significant pressure on governments at both the federal and state levels to increase taxes.
How the US general election impacts the global corporate tax outlook

The outcome of the landmark US election may significantly impact the global economy and changes in tax policy in the near and long term.

8 Dec 2020 EY Americas

Year-end tax planning and other hot topics for alternative asset managers in a post-pandemic world

Join us as we discuss year-end tax planning and what the latest US election results mean for wealth and asset managers.

Insights and outlook: tax and investment implications of the election and pandemic for business owners – part two

In this webcast, panellists will discuss the impact of the global pandemic with business owners and individuals grapple with the investment forecast, new policies, and new regulatory assignments that may impact their personal and wealth planning strategies.

How Biden’s election victory will affect tax and trade globally

As the US welcomes a new President, what are the potential tax implications for the multinational entities that do business in America?

8 Nov 2020 EY Americas

Joe Biden is President-elect: What’s next for US tax and trade policy

Tax, healthcare, immigration and climate policy are key areas where the incoming Administration likely will diverge significantly from the Trump Administration.

10 Nov 2020 Michael Mundaca

Eight key issues for 2020 US elections

This article explores eight key issues for the 2020 US elections.

7 Oct 2020 Bridget Neill

Election 2020: how to plan amid uncertainty

Now is the time to consider the impact a change in administration could have on your family wealth.

12 Oct 2020 Jim Givens

President-elect Joe Biden's tax policy proposals

The outcome of the US presidential election may shape tax policy for years to come.

12 Nov 2020 EY Americas

Congress on hold with the election on the horizon

Coronavirus and government funding remain focus areas and outcomes will ripple to the elections and beyond.

19 Oct 2020 Ray Beeman

Post 2020 election – tax and infrastructure policy implications

The panel will help you prepare and adapt for either scenario and examine the implications for tax and infrastructure-related projects.

Election 2020: Tax implications of the election and pandemic for business owners

In this webcast, specialists will shed light on potential tax repercussions of the election, provide an outlook on the markets and discuss implications on personal investment and wealth planning strategies.

Financial services

The new administration’s priorities will challenge the financial services industry to demonstrate how it can aid the economic recovery and confront other societal challenges in a sustainable, consumer-focused manner.
Through the looking glass: how the election results will impact FIs

Financial institutions (FIs) must monitor developments closely as Washington debates the ongoing support for a post-pandemic economic recovery.

9 Dec 2020 Peter Davis

Banking and capital markets: tax year-end review and 2021 outlook

In this webcast, panelists will discuss the impact of the US 2020 Presidential election on the banking and capital markets industry.

Global tax updates and industry outlook: wealth and asset management

In this article, we discuss the impact of tax developments, US election and more on the wealth and asset management industry.

28 Oct 2020 Jun Li

Election 2020: what’s next for the financial services industry

In this webcast, panelists discuss the latest insights on the US election outcome and the forward-looking tax and regulatory agenda for financial institutions.

Health care

The coronavirus crisis will continue to demand the attention of Congress, but congressional leaders also could face new challenges. Growing federal debt and limited state budgets will make it difficult for either party with control in Congress to advance big-ticket policies — such as enabling permanent telehealth reimbursement or major health care reforms — without also identifying budgetary offsets.

How health care may fare under the Biden Administration

Democrats now lead both houses of Congress, but by such a narrow margin that companies should expect compromise, not broad, dramatic reform.

6 Jan 2021 Heather Meade

How life sciences executives can navigate the post-US election uncertainty

2021 is expected to begin with a transition from the elections and vaccine distribution, with hopes of a smoother second half.

16 Dec 2020 Arda Ural, PhD

Election 2020: Opportunities and threats for US payers resulting from the 2020 election

With insight on policy direction, the panel will discuss potential scenarios and implications for the health industry.

How life sciences companies reassess their supply chains due to COVID-19

The pandemic has shown the strengths and the weaknesses of life sciences supply chains. Now companies must adapt to build future resilience.

18 Sep 2020 Peter Behner


The pandemic will continue to dominate the daily lives of Americans for the near term and well into the new administration. Progress on the distribution of a vaccine, reopening schools and businesses, and other signs of recovery will continue to be top of mind.

Surmounting the insurmountable: four keys to success in deploying a COVID-19 vaccine at scale

As the race to create a vaccine for COVID-19 may be nearing the finishing line, all eyes turn to the logistical challenges at the heart of a mass immunization effort.

21 Oct 2020 Susan Garfield

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