US 2021 presidential transition: The first 100 days

Supported by our latest insights, EY is here to help you understand and prioritize how the new administration will shape the US legislative and regulatory environment on a range of issues impacting your business now, next and beyond.

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Latest insights

View our latest insights on the impact of the Biden Administration and its First 100 Days.
How COVID-19 impacted supply chains and what comes next

Research shows severe disruption through the pandemic is driving enterprises to make their supply chains more resilient, collaborative and networked.

18 Feb 2021 Sean Harapko

How financial services boards govern through political change

EY has convened 60 directors from banking, insurance and asset management to discuss the implications of the US elections on their sectors.

12 Feb 2021 Mark Watson

How a people-empowering culture helped P&G pull through the pandemic

Lockdown hit many factories hard. Yet some P&G plants increased production with fewer staff, and actively helped their local communities.

8 Feb 2021 Craig Lyjak

How government can provide strategic services for individual and family recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a human crisis and government is on the front lines with an opportunity to empower resilience.

28 Jan 2021 Andrea Danes

How the new US government stimulus impacts entrepreneurs and private companies

As US entrepreneurs and private company leaders work to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic fallout, new government stimulus programs can support your efforts.

21 Jan 2021 Sean Aylward

Budget reconciliation basics

Process allows 51-vote Senate passage of revenue and spending bills under certain parameters.

20 Jan 2021 Washington Council Ernst & Young

How insurance boards can focus on lasting value amid political change

The attention of insurance board directors and senior management has turned to the likely impacts and changes during a Biden administration.

14 Jan 2021 Ed Majkowski

How health care may fare under the Biden Administration

Democrats now lead both houses of Congress, but by such a narrow margin that companies should expect compromise, not broad, dramatic reform.

6 Jan 2021 Heather Meade

What is an employer’s role in addressing vaccine hesitancy and accelerating the path back to the new normal?

The time is now for employers to be a part of the solution to ending the worst public health crisis in modern history.

17 Dec 2020 Susan Garfield

How life sciences executives can navigate the post-US election uncertainty

2021 is expected to begin with a transition from the elections and vaccine distribution, with hopes of a smoother second half.

16 Dec 2020 Arda Ural, PhD

Through the looking glass: how the election results will impact FIs

Financial institutions (FIs) must monitor developments closely as Washington debates the ongoing support for a post-pandemic economic recovery.

9 Dec 2020 Peter Davis

How the US general election impacts the global corporate tax outlook

The outcome of the landmark US election may significantly impact the global economy and changes in tax policy in the near and long term.

8 Dec 2020 EY Americas

Six key public policy issues for the Biden administration and Congress

How the Biden administration is likely to drive change on key policy issues, whether through executive actions or by working with Congress.

4 Dec 2020 Bridget Neill

Five ways boards can unlock ESG’s strategic value

To thrive in this new era of accelerating transformation and stakeholder capitalism, companies should embrace ESG as a business imperative.

1 Dec 2020 Stephen Klemash

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