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To better address the needs of our emerging private equity (PE) clients, we have established a global platform that is focused on providing a one-stop, multidisciplinary, integrated approach to funds during the startup phase.

What EY can do for you

Venturing into new territory means gaining a fresh perspective on your business and your market. And mastering the unfamiliar can open new paths to success, especially with the guidance of a trusted advisor. Through the EY multiservice approach, we can assist your private equity startup in establishing a strong foundation to grow and better serve your investors.

To better address the needs of our emerging private equity (PE) clients, we have established a global platform that is focused on providing a one-stop, multidisciplinary, integrated approach to funds during the startup phase.

Our Global Emerging Manager Platform team can help guide you through the early stages of fund formation — from operational to tax considerations — providing a range of support to you, your portfolio companies and your investors.

Launching a new fund is a complex and extremely complicated process. You may encounter many unfamiliar challenges — raising capital, recruiting and retaining highly skilled people, managing risk, complying with changing regulations and accessing global markets. This is where we can make a difference. Our Global Emerging Manager Platform team will work with you to quickly navigate the complexities of legislation and regulation, align your tax strategy to your business goals, provide assurance regarding the numbers and deliver a range of consulting services specifically to address your startup needs.

As a global leader in the private equity industry, we have extensive experience in assisting new fund launches. We appreciate the needs, nuances and challenges startups face. We offer:

  • Early industry, regulatory and technical insight focused on startup needs
  • A range of consulting services beyond audit and tax, such as fund formation and structuring, including process improvement and evaluations of and recommendations for attorneys, fund administrators and other industry service providers, and fund document review and
  • regulatory registration, including offshore jurisdiction
  • Technology selection and implementation, guidance on management company setup, internal controls, investor due diligence, role definitions and segregation of duties, and process improvement
  • Optimal fund and management company structuring, innovative tax planning for partners and employees, and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) compliance

The EY enterprise approach

The EY enterprise approach to serving private equity value creation goes beyond the private equity investment cycle to portfolio company and fund support. The EY Global Private Equity sector offers tailored engagements, encompassing the distinctive needs of private equity funds, their transactions, investment stewardship and portfolio companies’ performance, while addressing market, industry and regulatory issues.

In addition to services provided by a seasoned group of global audit, tax, consulting and transaction professionals dedicated to PE, the approach integrates industry specialization to address challenges faced by portfolio companies in the industries in which they operate.

  • Family office

    • Payroll
    • Bill paying
    • Tax filing
    • Bookkeeping and reporting
    • Coordination services with professionals and advisors
  • Funds and management companies

    • Audit
    • Human capital
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Tax advisory and structuring
    • Domestic and global tax compliance
    • Risk management
  • Transactions

    • Integrated due diligence
    • Benchmarking
    • Tax structuring
    • Forensic and integrity services
    • Cyber
  • Portfolio companies

    Private equity value creation offerings

    • Audit
    • Tax consulting and compliance
    • Advisory
    • Financial accounting advisory services
    • Governance
    • Controls assessment
    • Transaction advisory offerings
    • Process and controls improvement
    • Exit readiness and IPO

Private equity startup checklist

Private equity managers must address key operational and structuring issues supporting the businesses. We have provided a representative checklist to assist with the early planning process.

  • Operational

    • Investment strategy and business plan
    • Management team setup
    • Staffing and compensation
    • Terms in fund documents
    • Third-party vendors:

                    o   Accounting firm

                    o   Fund administrator

                    o   Banking relationships

                    o   Outside counsel

                    o   Qualified custodian

                    o   Independent valuation consultant

                    o   Regulatory consultant

                    o   Insurance

    • Office space and equipment
    • Technology selection and implementation
    • Internal controls
    • Financial statement close process
  • Structuring

    • Management company setup
    • Fund structure
    • Choice of domicile
    • Tax reporting requirements
    • Determination of investment types
    • Establishment of guidelines for valuation and compliance
    • Registration
    • Accounting and financial reporting considerations
  • Initial documents

    • Private placement memorandum
    • Partnership agreement
    • Due diligence questionnaire
    • Investment management agreement
    • Compliance manual
    • Valuation policy
    • Code of ethics
    • Form ADV

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