Case Study
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Case Study

How empowering employees builds better teams

Thomas Zhou is motivating his team by letting them learn and grow.

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The better the question

Is developing the right team as important as developing the right technology?

Diverse skills make for better teams.

The Asia-Pacific FSO Cybersecurity team counted Thomas Zhou as its first employee only a year ago. From week one, he knew that the right team was essential, so he focused on identifying the right skills and building out a team of diverse talent, which now numbers 15 and is still growing.

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Empowering employees

Thomas Zhou is teaching his team to “fish for themselves” rather than “catching the fish for them.”

Members of Thomas Zhou’s team praise him for teaching them to “fish for themselves” rather than “catching the fish for them.”

He does this by exposing each team member to the right experiences and the right people at EY and with clients so that they can continually feel stretched.

With this approach, Thomas has drawn in and developed strong, self-motivated people. And he’s won an EY better begins with you award.

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The better the world works

A strong team

Thomas' approach has led to a strong and diverse team.

Today, with the winnings from the Better begins with you program, Thomas continues to leverage different ways of thinking to further strengthen a formidable team that has won two engagements with G360 insurance clients and scored the largest-ever cyber win for an EY firm in Asia. Thomas seeks to continue growing the team throughout Asia.

Additionally, his team plans to collaborate with the cybersecurity lab of a university in Hong Kong to design the first cybersecurity university program in Hong Kong. They also plan to launch an annual cyber competition for university students in Hong Kong.

This will give a diverse range of young people in the country the opportunity to work in cyber, and will help EY to attract top talent and develop a strong cyber team in the region. By making the cyber workforce stronger and better at both EY and beyond, Thomas is helping to protect other organizations and people from the threats of cybercrime.


By teaching employees to “fish for themselves”, Thomas Zhou is motivating and growing his team.