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How Caterpillar is using technology on its journey to improve financial forecasting

Learn how Caterpillar is using technology to expand its analytics-based forecasting capabilities for greater accuracy and efficiency in this case study.

How a medical system builds a healthier cybersecurity program

EY and a large medical facility team up to reduce cyber risk and better protect patient data with EY cyber managed services. Learn more in this case study.

Dow’s bold approach to customer experience

Read this case study to learn how Dow’s innovative customer experience program is helping revolutionize the B2B industry.

How one state uses data to enhance assistance to low-income families

A state tracks outcomes from a government aid program and determines what variables drive success. Read our case study.

Why metrics are the building blocks for supply chain transformation 

A health care provider had a vision to deliver quality care more efficiently, but divergent data management was clouding the horizon.

How a flexible supply chain raised the bar for the beverage industry

The client’s goal: better accommodate future growth, predict customer demands, and add agility to inventory and production lines. Learn how we did it.

How Canadian Tire leveraged the potential of customer data with AI

An iconic Canadian retailer drives personalized customer service with smarter data management and advanced analytics. Learn more in this case study.

Case study: Intelligent automation shifts a state agency into higher gear

In this case study, learn how a state agency used robotic process automation to serve its customers with speed and convenience.

Natural language processing turns search speed into light speed

A managed care company saves hundreds of hours in compliance verification with a new, AI-enabled database. Learn more in this case study.

How strong data management becomes a real game-changer 

For one video game company, a data-driven culture meant gigs of innovation. Learn more.

How a major health provider is putting care into patients’ hands

Learn how a leading health care system used digital transformation to enhance its telehealth application and better serve both patients and providers.

How Ownership Works used a digital springboard to launch a movement

EY teams helped create an online presence — providing employees with the opportunity to build wealth at work.

Why cybersecurity should be required reading for higher education

Following a full cybersecurity assessment, a university lands on a solution that can identify, triage and manage data risks.

How EY is delivering an exceptional experience for its workforce

Learn how EY People Advisory Services has helped the global EY organization realize one of the largest end-to-end HR transformations on record.

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    Why AI fuels cybersecurity anxiety, particularly for younger employees

    Workers say they are worried that they are putting their organizations — and careers — at risk, new EY survey says. Here’s what to do about it.

    CIO Survey: will you set the GenAI agenda or follow the leaders?

    Get insights on how CIOs will address the challenges and capture the full benefits of GenAI in the 2024 EY CIO Sentiment Survey.

    Can core platform modernization position a bank for future success?

    Case study: how one regional bank used core platform modernization to build a strong foundation for future profitability.

    What strategic ops mean for your business

    Many executives think of operations as a cost center. A 180-degree shift in thinking could lead to competitive advantage. Learn more.

    How companies are achieving distribution transformation at speed and scale

    Read how organizations can improve global supply chain efficiency through an integrated network of distribution centers.

    AI Summit NYC: How leaders are tapping the potential of AI

    Read session summaries and watch videos from AI Summit NYC where leaders demonstrate how AI in business boosts efficiency and productivity and drives growth.

    Six ways CFOs and CSCOs can collectively drive value

    Despite the challenges of frequently diverging objectives, the value that these executives can collaboratively unlock is transformative. Learn more.

    How organizations can stop skyrocketing AI use from fueling anxiety

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, but concerns remain over job security and regulation. Learning how to use AI responsibly will lower anxiety.

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