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EY Navigate™ reduces employees’ uncertainty in their financial futures by providing clarity around complex tasks — such as debt management and retirement planning — and developing personalized action plans.

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What EY can do for you

EY Navigate is a hybrid digital-human financial wellness service that gives employees an actionable roadmap to navigate the twists and turns of their financial journey. 

EY Navigate helps employees break down complex tasks — such as debt management and retirement planning — and develop personalized action plans. The website features:

  • A tailored and guided path: participants are presented with a set of six simple questions that allow planners to learn about them and their financial concerns, and get them started on a tailored and guided experience.
  • Calculators and data visualization: proprietary tools and calculators are embedded within certain goals to enable financial planning exercises to support the needs of employees at varying life stages.
  • Prescriptive action items: upon creating a financial plan in any one goal, employees are assigned a series of next steps, including an estimated “time to complete” and due date.
  • Notifications and prompts: using both email communications and app push notifications, employees are encouraged to work on new goals, complete open next steps and address any issues with respect to their financial plans.
  • Progress and tracking: EY Navigate makes it easy for employees to stay on budget and builds awareness about their cash flow and spending habits.
  • Regular checkups: EY Navigate periodically prompts employees to complete a “Confidence Checkup” to gauge their financial stress.

EY Navigate offers several benefits, including:

  • A personalized approach. EY Navigate can help your employees’ progress toward the financial goals that matter most to them and their families.
  • User-friendly access. EY Navigate is available through a website, mobile app and phone line. This multichannel approach allows employees to utilize the options that work best for them.
  • Dedicated, objective financial planners. EY Navigate financial planners are highly credentialed professionals available to assist employees with only their interests in mind, not products or sales of any kind.
  • A thoughtful, results-oriented approach. EY Navigate meets employees where they are and then over time supports them in building healthier financial habits and long-term financial wellness.
  • Secure account aggregation and access. EY Navigate offers account aggregation, easy-to-use calculators and other tools to support financial planning in a secure online environment.

In addition, a “planner messaging” tool pairs employees with a dedicated financial planner with whom they can build a relationship and obtain quick answers to simple questions. The planners add a the “human” component to the otherwise digitally driven tool.

EY Navigate Group Learning includes highly effective, customized on-site workshops and online webinars covering a variety of financial planning topics, company benefit plans and change education.

How does EY Navigate benefit employers?

Your workforce is one of your greatest assets. When they experience financial stress, that stress can have a trickle-down effect on organizational success and employee effectiveness. Because of that, leading employers are increasingly offering comprehensive financial wellness services to their employees.

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