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EY NogginLabs builds bespoke digital experiences that change behavior. Our team of instructional designers, creative writers, software architects and multimedia designers are dedicated to the development of engaging, user-centered digital solutions.

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What EY can do for you

Who we are

We bring more than 20 years of award-winning experience across a wide range of digital learning capabilities. From initial design, to production, to final testing, our cross-discipline team excels in full-service, collaborative development of impactful digital experiences.

What we do

Every engagement brings its own unique considerations that shape our bespoke solutions. And even after all these years, we still get excited for each new problem to solve. Some of our custom solutions include:

  • Interactive scenarios that challenge learners to practice their soft skills
  • Digital simulations designed to facilitate systems implementation
  • Gamification to incentivize learners and offer a fun way to apply new skills
  • Knowledge capture process that preserves the undocumented expertise of experienced employees
  • Transformation design and readiness measurement to help people understand changing roles and processes
  • Learner-centered performance support tools and resources that empower people to work more effectively

How we think

At EY NogginLabs, our approach to digital learning is strongly informed by the cognitive and behavioral sciences, which we leverage to craft robust experiences that resonate with the human brain.

We also implement modern, consumer-grade design considerations to present audiences with intuitive digital environments that promote thoughtful engagement.

Our solutions are tailored to the unique goals of the organizations we work with. To craft truly behavior-changing experiences, we don’t just ask what people need to know–we ask what people need to do.

Why it works

The digital experiences we build put the learner front and center, delivering essential content that people can explore when and where they want. This empowers organizations to reach a large audience with a consistently impactful message.

Across our proven track record in the digital learning space, we’ve won more than 100 awards for our work. We’ve collaborated with clients across dozens of industries to develop a diverse portfolio of bespoke digital learning solutions.

We’re here to help organizations build the capable, confident workforce they need–and give learners the engaging experience they deserve.

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