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Charlotte wavespace is a collaboration and co-creation environment that accelerates our clients’ digital transformations through the use of leading-edge technology and design thinking professionals who help teams and organizations build alignment, solve complex problems and create meaningful outcomes — faster.

Inspire creativity, foster collaboration, create valuable outcomes

As part of a connected global network of more than 30 innovation centers, Charlotte wavespace accelerates creativity by leveraging a unique collaboration environment with design thinking experiences led by professional facilitators and leading-edge technology. Our innovation centers help teams and organizations work through challenging issues and unrecognized opportunities, and then quickly ideate and prioritize efforts to achieve meaningful outcomes.  

Whether we host you in our Charlotte wavespace, create a temporary “pop-up” experience or install wavespace on your premises, we'll help you break through to better answers to your most pressing business issues.

In wavespace, you will experience:

  1. A relentless focus on meaningful outcomes that will assist in identifying challenges and activating opportunities to help you achieve your goals
  2. A proven mix of design thinking methods and technology to inspire a creative approach to problem solving and find answers to your biggest questions
  3. A blended co-creation model to enhance your team’s capability with our firm’s experience to move beyond the status quo and put the right insights at your fingertips
  4. An environment that encourages imagination and generates alignment to help you activate possibilities and move seamlessly to deliver solutions, with less resistance
  5. An opportunity to foster and embed an innovative culture through access to our global network of innovation centers — located in some of the world’s most dynamic tech and urban areas
Innovation is about more than just leveraging tools and technology; it’s about people and creating a culture of experimentation and an environment where they can make connections and collaborate to make their ideas thrive.
Bermon M. Painter
EY Innovation & Strategy Director – Charlotte wavespace

Here’s how we innovate together: 

  • wavespace experiences

    A combination of design thinking methods, experienced facilitation, a suite of digital tools, global subject-matter professionals and our network of innovation centers help teams quickly ideate, build alignment and produce meaningful outcomes.

  • wavespace Foundry

    Leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge and alliance partnerships, Foundry plays an incubator or accelerator role to help you at all points of your innovation journey. Foundry provides access to new capabilities, alternative capital funding options and access to a robust approach to quickly develop new ideas, incubate, go to market and then scale up.

  • wavespace-as-a-service

    Foster a collaborative culture of innovation by developing your innovation capability with our innovation playbook and operational guidelines. With our experience launching and operating more than 30 successful innovation centers, we can quickly stand up a tailored innovation offering on-site while augmenting your teams’ capabilities to ideate and implement your innovation agenda.

  • Innovation-as-a-service

    Drive rapid innovation through flexible teaming with us, where you can leverage our platform to take advantage of a variety of approaches and quickly ideate, prototype and test new ideas. Tap into professional knowledge and emerging technologies that will accelerate moving from concept to prototypes with a business case to help determine a go/no-go decision.

  • Design studio

    Our studio environment is an open and creative space where we can help your team develop anything from a product strategy to fully implemented customer experiences, applications and intranets. The Charlotte studio has extensive experience in service design, research, user experience, interface design and rapid prototyping. 

  • Research and usability lab

    In our full-service lab, we capture, analyze and assess a wide range of customized research across the full product life cycle — from initial concepts to implementation. The lab is comprised of an observation lounge and participant study room where we can perform a full user experience and usability analysis, run eye-tracking studies, and provide video summaries and a practical approach for improvements.

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