Why customer centricity is important in digital health technologies

In this webcast, our panel of health leaders explore evolving technologies and how these changes impact cyber risk.

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Disruptive digital health technologies present tremendous opportunity and are already accelerating change on two fronts: shifting the care model to preventative, personalized and participatory health and the care location to anywhere, anytime. How will the industry respond? Although technology-driven approaches will provide better care faster and more easily, we must be mindful of making that technology human-centered. That is, enabling the kinds of care that people want to give, and people want to receive, all while removing barriers, lack of transparency, and the inconvenient aspects of care and wellness.

Over the past year, EY surveyed more than 8,500 consumers and nearly 700 physicians in the United States, Australia, England and the Netherlands to get a deeper appreciation of consumer and physician use of, and sentiment toward, digital health technologies. Of interest were consumer and physician perceptions about current health system performance and future expectations regarding tech-enabled system change.

During this webcast, we'll take an in-depth look at key themes and takeaways, including:

  • The importance of convenience, personalization, cost-efficiency and trust to consumer consideration of new digital technologies
  • The imperative to create integrated experiences across the continuum of health and care
  • How in-person interactions remain important to health care consumers: technology will enhance, but not replace, the care experience.
  • How physicians and consumers want technology to simplify, systemize and make health care easier, ultimately freeing up doctors and patients to share more high-quality time


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