COVID-19: conversations with private company leaders: now, next and beyond

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Demands on private company leaders are many in the face of a crisis. Managing the immediate impact to employees, the workplace and the business overall clearly takes precedence. But just as critical is planning for what comes next and how to move forward in the wake of disruption.

We talk to several private company leaders about the primary concerns they are addressing now and what resiliency plan components they will activate next to restore stability and get their employees back to work. They share insights on navigating beyond COVID-19 and measures they are putting in place today that will promote sustainability and long-term value for their people and their organization.


  • Beth Goff-McMillan, CEO, SKG Texas
  • GJ Hart, CEO, Torchy’s Tacos
  • Albert Salama, CEO, Sabert


Anthony Sgammato
Americas EY Private Assurance Leader


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