Re-shoring pharma and medtech manufacturing: playing the long game

What are the barriers and opportunities for securing your organization’s business continuity?

With the unexpected impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain for essential medicines and personal protective equipment, governments around the world are leaning towards re-shoring of strategic manufacturing capabilities for business continuity. This will have significant downstream implications across multiple areas.

Join our panel to understand the barriers and opportunities for securing your organization’s business continuity.

Ernst & Young LLP Speakers:

  • Arda Ural, PhD, Americas Health Sciences and Wellness Industry Leader
  • Heather Meade, Health Policy Leader, Washington Council Ernst & Young
  • Alex Jung, Pricing and Contracting Leader, Strategy and Transactions
  • Michael Botos, Innovation and Transformation Leader, Strategy and Transactions
  • Derron Stark, Supply Chain Leader, Strategy and Transactions
  • Ana Maria Romero, International Tax and Transaction Services

Discussion topics will include:

  1. The latest information on the administration’s actions and guidance, including an understanding of what “made in America” means for life sciences business
  2. Pricing challenges and sourcing strategies, including how to address capital and time needed to re-shore manufacturing
  3. Significance of potential tax implications
  4. An understanding of how to assess the quality of drug manufacturing vs. the cost
  5. How to apply for BARDA and other government funding


Arda Ural, PhD
EY Americas Industry Markets Leader, Health Sciences and Wellness


CPE credits: 1.0

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