The Hybrid Experience Curve

The evolution of the post-pandemic employee experience: hybrid is here to stay.

How do we effectively manage talent, productivity and culture with digital tools while not compromising ethics?

The strategic deployment of an effective work and/or office model has always been diversified, but it is quickly trending more toward hybrid than ever before. In this webcast we will discuss the urgent shift to the hybrid work experience.

  • What does this mean for digital business and real estate tools that connect everyone and foster productivity while maintaining ethics and data privacy?
  • What does the employee experience look like for office, hybrid and fully remote employees who all desire a culture of connectedness?
  • How do we engage employees in a similar and effective way who work in-office, remotely, on a client site or in a hybrid model?

We will dive into the latest cutting-edge research from Ernst & Young LLP and MIT as we discuss the reality of the physical return-to-work strategies that business leaders are implementing right now. This live webcast panel will be thought provoking for business leaders and real estate decision-makers across all sectors with office employees.


  • Mark Grinis, EY Americas Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Dr. Andrea Chegut, Head of Research, DesignX & Research Scientist, MIT Center for Real Estate, MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab
  • John Scherer, Global Workplace Strategist, Microsoft
  • Jeffrey Chulick, EY Consulting, Business Consulting, Supply Chain and Operations Workplace Insight Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Roselyn Feinsod, EY People Advisory Services Principal, Ernst & Young LLP


CPE credits: 1.2

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