China — Hong Kong

Dr. Xu Li, Co-founder and CEO, SenseTime Group

Dr. Xu Li believes artificial intelligence will be the engine to drive the next wave of human development, just as the steam engine powered the industrial revolution. After completing a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on computer vision, Li recognized the business potential of this powerful tool. In 2014, he and his academic colleagues founded SenseTime. In just five years, the company has become the world’s most highly valued AI startup and a Chinese unicorn.

SenseTime’s mission is to lead innovation in artificial intelligence. As CEO, Li directs the company’s more than 150 doctoral researchers to focus on developing computer vision and deep learning technologies, including face recognition, image recognition, object recognition and medical image analysis. SenseTime successfully combines academic research with commercial application and has more than 700 customers in China and overseas, serving a wide range of industries including smartphones, autonomous driving and FinTech.

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