Karoline Scheucher

CEO, Steirerfleisch Gesellschaft m.b.H

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 Interview Preparation Master Coach
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Austria

After college, Karoline Scheucher took over the family business and, with her husband, developed it into the largest slaughterhouse and packing plant in Austria. Steirerfleisch is the main supplier of Austrian-origin pork meat to the Austrian retail market, and approximately 40% of the company’s turnover is through exports. The company maintains strong contact with its suppliers, who follow Steirerfleisch guidelines in production of their livestock.

In 2019, Steirerfleisch will open a new factory driven mainly by automatic lines, blockchain technology and a completely new traceability system. The new system will allow Steirerfleisch to document the supply chain from the stable to the table for every single kilogram of the approximately 3 million kg of meat that leaves the company weekly.

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