Massimo Benetello

Managing Director, Gruppo La-Vis

A photographic portrait of Massimo Benetello

Massimo Benetello is the Managing Director of Gruppo La-Vis. The company, along with Casa Girelli, is one of the biggest wine producers in Italy.

In 2016, Massimo agreed to implement guidelines that added a layer of transparency and traceability to the wine-making process, with a goal of improving product quality. This innovative approach has led to Gruppo La-Vis, with Casa Girelli, becoming one of the first wine producers to sell a blockchain-certified wine — La Mura.

Massimo has developed a strong market knowledge of Italian wines through his prior experience at wine-making companies such as Cantina Viticoltori Ponte, Casa Vinicola Zonin S.p.A. and Tenuta di Angoris.

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