Forensic data analytics for legal compliance

Digital evidence is more prevalent, in more forms, which can pose hurdles and delays. EY teams bring together professionals from a wide range of disciplines with leading technology for investigations that balance speed and depth, with rigorous compliance.

What EY can do for you

Today’s investigations require the collection and analysis of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Investigations can be more thorough and effective thanks to the increasing availability, volume and variety of digital evidence — yet many organizations are not set up to quickly and effectively retrieve the required data. Investigations also often require careful handling of data privacy concerns when allegations cross borders.

The lack of understanding of the data involved can provide further hindrance to the investigation. The delay not only brings noncompliance risk but can also result in a dramatic increase in the costs of handling regulatory inquiries and litigation. EY teams unite skilled professionals with leading-edge technology for investigations that balance speed and depth, with rigorous compliance.

EY engagements span anti-bribery and anti-corruption concerns, regulatory response and compliance due diligence, whistle-blower and internal investigations, and more. EY provides:

An authoritative investigative framework

It focuses on broad capabilities, from planning and scoping to detection, analysis and reporting. EY teams develop custom workflows and build them into the case management tools to streamline inquiries and investigative matters to keep them on track. Proven procedures for data acquisition, chain of custody, security of exhibits and contemporaneous note-taking practices help produce insights that are rooted in fact, not based on approximations or generalized assumptions.

Multidisciplinary talents and cross-functional teaming

EY teams bring together fraud investigators, data scientists, subject-matter professionals with deep industry experience, and data privacy resources. EY teams are skilled at navigating the landscape of a complex organization structure and collaborating across the enterprise — including in IT, operations, front office, legal, compliance and HR — to establish the facts at the heart of the matter.

Facts enriched by contextual data

EY teams organize the information and analyze facts to present a convincing summary of what happened. Contextual insights gained from analytics also help define reasonable assumptions for damage estimations and communicate findings that are clear, concise and fact-based.

Powerful underlying technology

EY Virtual, as the host platform, offers the ability to consolidate a wide range of data sources (structured and unstructured) with multiple deployment and data-hosting options. The platform helps enable statistical and qualitative analysis, in conjunction with exploratory and predictive models. EY Virtual comes with built-in case management tools but can also integrate with a client’s existing tools.

Custom approaches to address your unique needs

EY Virtual gives EY teams the flexibility to choose the specific analytic tools required. EY works with investigators, attorneys and other stakeholders to develop custom workflows that allow them to effectively identify and assess facts related to a matter, to triage areas that require further inquiry and to share information across the investigative team.

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