Photographic portrait of Frank Jenner
Change is on the horizon. Chemicals value chains must change fundamentally in both a horizontal and vertical direction in order to be successfully integrated in the business and ecosystem platforms.

Dr.-Ing. Frank Jenner

EY Global Chemicals & Advanced Materials Industry Leader and Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Supply Chain Leader

Visionary in markets and business development for the chemical industry. Enjoys race boarding in the mountains. Enthusiastic golfer.

Frank serves as EY Global Chemicals & Advanced Materials Industry Leader and is also globally responsible for the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Transformation within the Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility industry market.

As the former leader of Strategy & Operations in the Germany-Switzerland-Austria (EY GSA) Region, Frank has over 25 years of extensive experience in supply chain process modeling and design, value chain management and synchronization, organizational change management, business improvement initiatives, and transformational excellence in the process industry.

Frank was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of J&M Management Consulting AG, a pan-European market-leading enterprise based in Germany with 320 employees in 14 offices across Europe.

Frank earned a PhD and MSc in Chemical Process Engineering from the University of Cardiff, Wales. He also holds a BSc in Chemical Process Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Mannheim, Germany. 

How Frank is building a better working world

“The rules of the game have changed in the chemicals industry. Assets and conglomerates focusing on economies of scale and synergies will no longer obtain any competitive advantages. Information and knowledge will be key factors in the future. In this world, the exchange of information will be decisive. We would like to discuss with established players those areas in which cooperation, rather than competition, is likely to be more successful.”

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