Photographic portrait of Joanne Henstock

Joanne Henstock

EY Africa Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader | Executive Director, Assurance | EY Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd

Accomplished governance, reporting and assurance executive. Focused on building corporate responsiveness to advancing sustainable development.

Joanne is an accomplished sustainability and related services executive with 25 years’ experience working across corporate reporting, regulation and standards, sustainability strategy, and performance and impact reporting in southern Africa, New Zealand and the United States.

Joanne leads organisations and corporate reporters strategically to elevate the quality of non-financial performance and impact reporting, including specialism in integration of ESG strategy and reporting.

A Chartered Accountant with extensive experience spanning the business, government and education sectors, she has a sound foundation as a thought leader in governance, reporting and assurance.

Prior to joining EY, Joanne held an executive role in regulation, policy and standards, focused on influencing policy makers and standard setters towards achieving better regulation outcomes in New Zealand.

How Joanne is building a better working world

Joanne’s driving purpose is to help individuals and organisations focus on sustainable development impact: economic, environmental and social. Increasingly, assessments of what “value” means are re-focusing on long-term value creation capability, recognising that building prosperous communities and economies and a healthy environment must necessarily harness a wider, more holistic value equation for decision-making about how resources are applied. This long-term value lens is the foundation for driving long-term prosperity, and a better working world.

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