Photographic portrait of Wouter Desmet
Thriving innovation happens at the crossroads of Passion, Talent and Opportunity.

Wouter Desmet

EY wavespace™ Antwerp Leader, EY WEM Innovation Leader, EY Advisory Services BV

Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. Subsidy professional.

Wouter leads EY wavespace Antwerp. He is the Founder of The Factory (an innovation initiative based on intrapreneurship and using the lean start-up methodology) and a responsible Partner of EY Subsidia in Belgium, EY Advisory Services BV.

Wouter founded Subsideaal in 2003, a consultancy company specialized in grants and incentives for R&D projects. Subsideaal merged in 2015 with EY Subsidia in Belgium and together they became the market leader in subsidy consultancy in Belgium.

Wouter is also EY WEM Innovation Leader since December 2017. One of his key objectives is to boost the innovation culture within the WEM Region and facilitate, co-create and execute tangible projects into this field. Furthermore, he is responsible for supporting and coordinating the development, deployment and management of Global and EMEIA Innovation initiatives for WEM. Wouter holds an MEng in Civil Mechanic Engineering from a well-known Belgian university.

How Wouter is building a better working world

“As a (Co-)Founder of several start-ups, I know how hard and crucial it is to have access to the right experts and network.

Therefore, after joining EY, I made the EY network and professionals easily accessible for start-ups by launching the EYnovation program. Thanks to the collaboration with Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), EY professionals were able to develop tailor-made services and support for the start-up community. The feedback and recognition we get from the start-ups is very inspiring and motivating for EY people, and enable us to build strong collaborations.”

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