South Africa Transparency Report 2019 

Business is navigating a time of unprecedented volatility. The annual Transparency Report shares EY’s business response.

Building trust

“As a firm we have committed ourselves to a purpose of ‘building a better working world’. There can be no nobler goal right now. We arguably live in a time of widespread distrust between companies and their stakeholders. The audit profession globally is under the spotlight, but in South Africa there is a real need for positive reform within the auditing profession and the economy as a whole.

Quality audits are a powerful tool to restore and build stakeholder trust in businesses. When investors, regulators, organisations and the broader public trust the quality of audits, greater investment and economic growth follows, delivering value to society at large and contributing to building a better working world.” 

Edited by Ajen Sita

EY Africa CEO

Strategic thinker. Committed to developing people and transforming the auditing profession across Africa. Digitally savvy. Dedicated father and husband. Down time: flying drones and philosophy.

Audit Quality

“Auditors play a vital role in the functioning of capital markets by promoting transparency and supporting investor confidence. Performing high quality audits continues to be our top priority  and is at the heart of our commitment to serve the public interest.

Companies, regulators and other stakeholders count on us to  deliver excellence in every engagement. Our reputation is based on, and grounded in, providing high quality professional audit services  objectively and ethically to every entity we audit. In the rapidly changing business landscape in which we find ourselves, what has not changed is our commitment to creating a culture where everyone at EY understands that audit quality is our single most important priority. Over the past year, we have amplified our messaging about the specific behaviours that contribute to audit quality and how our professionals can incorporate them into their daily lives.” 

Edited by Stephen Ntsoane

EY Africa Assurance Leader

Interested in the relation between business, politics and society. Strategic. People-orientated. Servant leader. Eternal optimist. Believer in the human spirit. Husband, father and football fanatic.