Nowadays a relationship of trust between companies, consumers and investors is more important than ever. In this context, transparency in business communication and the auditor´s function plays an essential role.

Hildur Eir Jónsdóttir

EY Spain, Assurance Managing Partner

I really enjoy music, especially if it is danceable. Passionate about gastronomy, travels, learning new things, people and laughter

Áreas de especialización Assurance Audit EY Digital Audit
Oficina Madrid, ES

Hildur Eir Jónsdóttir has more than 20 years of professional experience in audit, advising global listed companies both in European markets and on the NYSE and in various sectors of activity.

She was Spain, Italy and Portugal Risk Management responsible. In addition, she oversaw Spain and Portugal IFRS Desk and has been a member of the international group of Technical IFRS Partners of EY specializing in business combinations, consolidation, intangible assets and asset impairment. She is specialist in advisory services to clients on IFRS matters and complex corporate restructuring transactions.

Speaker at seminars organized by the Business Institute, Institute for International Research (IIR), Institute of Fiscal Studies, Institute of Internal Auditors, Institute of Chartered Accountants and San Pablo CEU University.

How Hildur is building a better working world

If you manage to enhance the strengths of each member of the team, creativity and execution capacity have no limits. In this way, a world that works better is built, encouraging everyone to make their best contribution to the project.

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