Photographic portrait of Manuel Pingarrón Díaz
If we want customers to value us, engage with us, trust us and recommend us, there’s a need to deeply understand how they make decisions, using a behavioral science lens.

Manuel Pingarrón Díaz

EY-Parthenon EMEIA Financial Services Behavioral Economics and Commercial Strategy Solution Leader

Industrial engineer turned behavioral economist. Passionate about creating measurable long-term value for our clients.

Manuel is the EY-Parthenon EMEIA Financial Services Behavioral Economics and Commercial Strategy Leader, focused on increasing revenues at financial institutions.

With over a decade of experience in consulting, business development and corporate strategy, he mainly advises clients on how to optimize their commercial strategy by truly understanding customer motivations, perceptions and emotions.

Manuel is one of the leading professionals on applying behavioral economics in product design, value propositions, marketing campaigns and price setting. He has published several articles on these topics in various international media. He is also a frequent speaker at events around the world.

Manuel has an MS in industrial engineering from Spain and in business engineering from Germany.

How Manuel is building a better working world

“I am very proud of some of the work we have done to improve customers’ financial health and well-being. This change in the perspective in which we approach commercial strategy has proven to be very successful. It creates a virtuous circle, helping final customers (ultimate consumers or end users) make better financial decisions and thus achieve more satisfaction, and at the same time generating value for banks and insurance companies.”

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