Will you shape the future of work or will it shape you?

2 minutos de lectura 24 agosto 2018
2 minutos de lectura 24 agosto 2018
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At EY, we’re disrupting ourselves and empowering our people today, while building a workforce for tomorrow.

The world is in the midst of the transformative age, and entire industries are being disrupted. When no one can accurately predict the future of work, will automation accelerate your career or stall it?

At EY, we believe disruption creates opportunity. That’s why we’re disrupting ourselves, embracing change and building a more diverse workforce than ever before, so that their perspectives and better questions can shape the future: theirs, ours and our clients’.

In a world marked by near constant change, businesses have a choice: transform or be left behind. You have a choice too: will you be the disruptor or the disrupted?


EY can help you accelerate your career towards the digital future. 

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