The Disrupters: How technology and data are helping cities to become resilient

1 minutos de lectura 6 abr. 2018
1 minutos de lectura 6 abr. 2018
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Discover the power of data to tackle the challenges of modern urban life—and how technology is shaping the future of cities.

Techs and The City

By 2050, two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Urbanisation is happening faster than at any time in human history - and it is accelerating the scale of challenges faced by these cities – from congestion and pollution to housing shortages and energy consumption.

Seoul in South Korea is one of the city governments rising to these challenges by placing innovation at the centre of city policy, utilizing real-time data and the latest sensor technologies to make the city more efficient.

In Nairobi and cities across the developing world, citizens are using smartphone technology to find data-driven solutions to help cope with their cities’ overstretched infrastructure.

Whilst forward-thinking innovators in the United States and elsewhere are busy anticipating data-driven technologies that could help predict problems before they even happen. They are all finding new ways to tackle the challenges faced by modern-day megacities, using technology – and helping to shape the cities of the future.

For more insights about the future of cities and the need for resilience planning, discover more here.

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About The Disrupters

The Disrupters explores the pressures of change confronting some of the world’s most established industries. How do successful businesses evolve and turn threat into opportunity? Two-thirds of what we consume today was not invented twenty-five years ago….The pace of change, obsolescence and renewal is still accelerating. And entire industries are being challenged like never before to open up, innovate and reinvent themselves. In The Disrupters we’ll meet the men and women on both sides of history - the up-starts mounting the challenge and those charged with seeing them off. We’ll offer a sense of the restless, ceaseless nature of the disruptive change they face, and glimpse both the uncertainties and the transformative possibilities this offers.


Cities which are innovating by engaging their citizens and employing smart solutions are becoming resilient to disruptive urbanisation.

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