Photo of Lise Møller
I believe families in business have a great opportunity to seize in leading the way and being a force for good in society.

Lise Møller

Director Family Enterprise & Private Clients Services | Norway

Make things happen and take an active and collaborative part in creative and ambitious teams who want to go far. Love sports, the outdoors and good wine.

Areas of focus Consulting Family enterprise
Bureau Oslo, NO

Lise Møller is Director of Family Enterprise and Private Clients Services at EY Norway. She has 20 years of experience working with globally leading family businesses and family offices and she speaks fluent Danish, English, French and German.  

Lise has taken part in many different leadership and family business courses and programs, and also holds a master’s degree in communication. Prior to joining the field of family business, she studied hospitality management and marketing. Drawing upon her all-round experience and knowledge about the above subjects, she helps family businesses navigate their unique challenges and opportunities in the best possible ways. 

How Lise is building a better working world

“Through my deep knowledge of families in business, I am Building a better working world by helping these families deal with the complex role and multi-dimensions of the family in business. They need help with governing the family and the ownership. In building up a competence center on precisely these topics we help families become better and more responsible owners, thus Building a better working world for all.”

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