Gender parity for economic growth and prosperity

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EY - Mariam Khubulava As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, we would like to draw your attention to the importance of women in business performance and economic prosperity, and the contribution EY Georgia has made to support women advancement and progress.

According to World Economic Forum Global Gender Parity Report 2014, it will take until 2095 to achieve gender parity in the workplace. At EY, we believe that three generations is too long to wait on such an important issue. We will use our collective knowledge, experiences and convening power to do our part to accelerate the global gender parity clock, as we believe that when women participate fully in all aspects of work, government and society, the results are higher growth, increased prosperity and stronger communities.

EY aims to position the firm as a leading champion of women in the workplace thus supporting their advancement and leadership globally. Judging by our statistics, we might already be champions in Georgia, which probably gives us the right to challenge and call on other companies to follow our lead. We are proud to present EY Georgia’s gender statistics and the opportunities we offer to women:

EY Georgia Men Women
Employees 36% 64%
Management 33% 66%
Recruitment* (yearly average) 36% 64%
Promotions* (yearly average) 39% 61%
Employees seconded to EY Global offices* 30% 70%

* Last three years

We have mothers of three in our leading positions, young mothers receiving highest ACCA scores across the country, women colleagues living their lives to the fullest outside of work, pursuing hobbies, sports, art, and a socially active lifestyle… how is that possible?

“It is possible if a number of factors are present,” says Mariam Khubulava, Senior Auditor of EY Georgia Assurance practice, young mother and ACCA champion, - “the most important is proper time management, the busier I am the more efficient I tend to be, though equally important is support from your team . Each of my team members is organized knowing how much time matters for me. Without them, I would never be able to succeed.

I believe marriage doesn’t thwart career advancement. It is not true. It all depends on the right choice of the employer and the life partner. With their support, everything becomes possible.”