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Christian Beck


Australian Technology Innovators Pty Ltd

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Christian Beck taught himself computer programming and coding to build software for his father’s firm 20 years ago. Since then, this self-taught, self-made entrepreneur has transformed how the legal system works with the two companies he founded: LEAP Legal Software and InfoTrack.

Under the umbrella of Australian Technology Innovators, the companies deliver technical solutions to improve the productivity of law firms and conveyancers and have proved invaluable to their daily operations.

LEAP Legal is a leading cloud-based platform, serving 5,000 small to medium law firms. InfoTrack, a one-stop-search engine for critical legal and other company-related information, has approximately 7,000 clients in Australia and New Zealand and serves 20 of the top 30 law firms in Australia.

Christian’s thriving technology companies are undertaking rapid global expansion, with revenue soaring from US$156m in FY15 to US$231m in FY17. He is significantly invested and committed to providing his technological solutions to the US and the UK and employs more than 350 staff.