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Joost Uwents


Tony De Pauw



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Born and raised in family-owned businesses, Joost Uwents and Tony De Pauw have entrepreneurial instinct in their DNA. The pair are joint-CEOs of WDP, a Belgian-based company that specializes in logistics real estate. Founded in 1971, the firm owns, develops and manages vast amounts of warehouse space in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Romania.

Automation and e-commerce have transformed the rapid growth and development of the logistics sector. Joost and Tony have risen to the challenge of a changing market by investing in innovation and developing smart warehouses they call “warehouses with brains.” As Tony says, “Doing the same thing as yesterday is not rewarding; it doesn’t grow the business.”

Both men think environmental sustainability is not a luxury but a vital part of their business model. The company is actively pursuing a carbon-neutral portfolio as part of its commitment to making WDP “future-proof.”