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Louis Roy



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As a forward-thinking visionary, Louis Roy has always pushed the limits. His desire to improve and transform the world led him to engineering and entrepreneurship, a combination he felt would best enable him to make a difference.

After college, Louis wasted no time before founding Optel in 1989. Now called OPTEL Group, the company has become a global leader in inspection and traceability systems, with more than 800 employees in Canada, Ireland, Brazil and India. The company’s Track & Trace technology enables customers to track the movement of goods throughout the supply chain.

“Seeing what others didn’t and daring to innovate has been key to our growth,” Louis says. His breakthrough came when he anticipated that counterfeit drugs would be a huge problem for the pharmaceutical industry — well before his competitors. Today, OPTEL’s clients include some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

OPTEL Group strives to make sure its operations and actions have a positive impact so that future generations inherit a more sustainable world.