EY - Chile winner

José Rosenberg


Colchones Rosen S.A.I.C.

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José Rosenberg was an officer in the Chilean air force when a routine dorm inspection changed his life. The sergeant spotted Jose’s high-quality mattress — one he had bought at a heavily discounted price — and offered to buy it. José agreed and sold it to him at full price, making a neat profit. By the end of the following week, he had sold 20 mattresses, and his business, Colchones Rosen, was born.

José has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His father had passed way when José was just 2 years old, leaving the family in a vulnerable position. As a child, José would pick up scrap metal to sell or cut wood for neighbors to make money for his family. In 1958, he decided to leave the air force and go into the mattress business full-time with his mother, two siblings and a seamstress.

Over the years, Colchones Rosen has grown dramatically. Today the company is the leading Latin American business in its sector, producing more than 4,000 mattresses a day, employing over 3,000 staff and establishing a presence in eight countries.