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George Hongchoy

Executive Director and CEO

Link Asset Management Limited

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In 2009, George Hongchoy saw an opportunity to drive change that would enhance people’s lives. After a career in investment banking and financial consulting, he became the CEO of the Link Real Estate Investment Trust, the first real estate investment trust in Hong Kong. The company acquired a portfolio of community shopping centers from the Government that were part of low-cost housing real estate. Under George’s leadership, Link REIT has been transforming these assets and improving them.

Link REIT has now expanded to become Asia’s largest REIT. The company manages approximately 12 million square feet of retail and office properties in Hong Kong and mainland China.

As a governor of the World Economic Forum’s Infrastructure and Urban Development Community, George believes shopping centers have a vital role to play in compact cities like Hong Kong. He is proud to have rejuvenated so many communities.