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Xu Shilong


Geoharbour Group Co., Ltd.

Xu Shilong believes happiness is derived from hardship and diligence. After working in the construction industry, he spent many years researching the problem of building on marshland. In 2000 he launched the Shanghai-based firm, Geoharbour, and in 2003 he invented the groundbreaking High Vacuum Densification Method.

The process removes air and water from soil without adding chemical compounds. Compared with the traditional practice of filling mushy soils with cement or lime, it reduces project costs by 30%, shortens construction time by half. and is more environmentally friendly.

Shilong’s method has since been patented in nearly 40 countries, including Australia, Japan and the US. He has received international recognition and has led more than 500 projects, helping to build ports, airports, runways and power plants in more than 30 countries across Asia and the Middle East. Shilong is proud that his invention is a beacon for high-end technology created in China.