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Lubomir Stoklásek


AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, a.s.

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Lubomir Stoklásek runs AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, one of the oldest engineering firms in Europe. It was founded in 1896 by a locksmith who started the company with just one repair shop. It has survived two world wars, as well as the rise and fall of communism, and grown to become the largest producer of agricultural machines in the Czech Republic. Today, AGROSTROJ employs 2,600 people and reported a turnover of US$317m in 2017.

Lubomir took over the company in 1997, when it was on the brink of bankruptcy, and set about restructuring the business. He invested in manufacturing equipment, modernized the technology and introduced a new marketing strategy. He also invested in his staff, providing training programs, a company doctor and a shop on site.

AGROSTROJ is now the largest company of its kind in Europe, supplying 45 plants worldwide. It exports 98% of its production and has recently entered new markets in New Zealand and South Korea. Its clients include large multinationals such as Volvo, Scania and John Deere.